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Bagpiper for Wedding Edinburgh

Bagpiper for Wedding – As your Wedding Bagpiper I can play at various times during your wedding day, from prior to the Bride’s arrival until introducing the Bride and Groom to cut the wedding cake. See the times a piper plays at a wedding for full details of when I can play as your Wedding Bagpiper, and choose your options on the Bagpiper Booking Form. You can also listen to the Wedding Bagpipe Music I play at the different parts of your Wedding day.

You’ll probably have seen many bagpipers advertising their services, and you may be asking what’s special about me? If so, please see why I think you should book me!

Bagpiper for Wedding Award


Bagpiper for Wedding Vows

Do you wish to hold a truly personalised, symbolic Scottish wedding ceremony?

I can not only play the bagpipes for you, but I can create and officiate your symbolic ceremony too! Discover how I can bring your symbolic ceremony to life!

When does a bagpiper play at a wedding?

A bagpiper adds a special touch to different parts of your wedding day. From welcoming your guests, piping the bride or partner down the aisle, giving you a grand entrance as your pipe to your seats at the top table, and reciting the traditional “Piper’s Toast”. You have the freedom to choose when you want your bagpiper to perform. For a softer ambiance, the Scottish Small Pipes are perfect for guiding you down the aisle, and as background music during the signing of the register.

If you’re unsure about how a bagpiper can enhance your day and want all the details on what a wedding bagpiper can do, check out my Ultimate Guide to Planning your Wedding Bagpiper!

Bagpiper for Wedding Ceremony

These are the parts of the ceremony when a bagpiper at a wedding is traditionally called upon to play. I also offer the Scottish Small Pipes to pipe you up the aisle to, and during the Signing of the Register.

Nothing makes a statement more than having your piper playing in the spectacular Piper’s No.1 Full Highland Dress!

I’ll play for 30 – 45 minutes before your wedding ceremony starts, to welcome your wedding guests upon their arrival and set the celebratory tone to your day.

If you’re arriving at your Wedding Ceremony by car, I’ll play as you arrive and while any photographs are being taken. If you’re walking any distance, perhaps from your accommodation to your Ceremony venue, I’ll pipe you all the way!

This is one of my favourite moments as a Wedding Piper, and it’s when all eyes are upon you! Here I can play either the tradition Highland “big” Pipes, or the Scottish Small Pipes if you’d like a softer and more restrained sound as you make your way up the aisle.

The Scottish Small Pipes are ideal for some soft background music as you and your witnesses sign your Marriage Schedule.

This is celebration time, which calls for some brisk and lively tunes while you both walk down the aisle as a married couple with applause from your wedding party!

Here I’ll play some hornpipes and jigs, or fast marches as your guests line-up to throw the confetti, and as you walk through the shower!

I’m happy to have photographs taken at any time of your day. I’ll also speak to your photographer so he/she can take some shots of you with your wedding piper!

As with your Wedding Ceremony, these are my suggestions only. If you have any other requests for your Wedding Bagpiper, please ask!

Bagpiper for Bridesmaids
When does a bagpiper play at a wedding? Piping the bride up the aisle

Playing The Highland Wedding as the newly weds come back down the aisle at the Signet Library, Edinburgh.

Bagpiper for Wedding Reception

At your Wedding Reception I can play at the following times. When all your wedding guests are seated I will play you both to your seats, and in time honoured tradition perform the Piper’s Toast before piping my way out of the Dining Hall.

Nothing makes a statement more than having your piper playing in the spectacular Piper’s No.1 Full Highland Dress!

If your Reception is being held at a different venue, I’ll play to welcome you and your guest to your Reception. When your guests see me, they’ll know where to go!
If you’re cutting your Wedding Cake before sitting down for your meal, I’ll pipe you to the cake and then stop and stand still while you cut your cake and while photographs are being taken. Then I’ll pipe you to your seats at the Top Table.

Here I play you in from outside the Dining Room, to give you a a grand entrance to your Wedding Breakfast! I’ll play some well known tunes which your guests are guaranteed to clap along to!

The traditional Piper’s Toast and Piper’s Gift to the Bride are must haves! The Piper’s Toast typically marks the end of your piper’s duties for the day. After toasting you, I play my way back out of the Dining Room, at which point your speeches can commence.

I’m happy to have photographs taken at any time of your day. I’ll also speak to your photographer so he/she can take some shots of you with your piper!

If you’d like your evening guests to receive the same welcome as your day guests at the beginning of the day, then I can play at your reception venue later in the evening as your evening guest arrive.

As with your Wedding Ceremony, these are my suggestions only. If you have any other requests for your Wedding Bagpiper, please ask!

Bagpiper leading a Wedding Party
Bagpiper at Wedding Breakfast
Bagpiper for wedding Pipers Dram

Wedding Bagpiper Extras

In addition to performing at certain times of a Wedding Reception and Ceremony, as a Wedding Piper I often provide some of these following services for a wedding:

  • Handfasting ritual

  • Quaich Ceremony

  • Playing the Scottish Small Pipes

  • Pipe your Wedding Party from one venue to another

  • Announce and pipe you in to cut your Wedding Cake

  • Pipe for your evening guests’ arrival at your reception venue
  • Pipe Band Recital during the evening entertainment
  • Highland Dancing Display during the evening entertainment

If you have any requests or suggestions, please ask and I’ll do my best to accommodate where possible.

Edinburgh Wedding Bagpiper

Zahra and Shiv’s wedding which you can see on the BBC’s Getting Hitched Asian Style show.

The Scottish Small Pipes

For no extra cost I play the Scottish Small Pipes for parts of the wedding ceremony; playing the bride up the aisle and for background music during the Signing of the Register.

The Small Pipes which are bellows-blown, have a mellow sound which is particularly suited to the more restrained parts of the ceremony. They are ideal for smaller indoor venues. Some Registry Offices do not allow the Highland Bagpipes to be played inside if more than one wedding ceremony is taking place. The volume of Small Pipes is perfect for these venues.

Many in your wedding party will not have heard this type of bagpipe before. See my Wedding Bagpipe Music to hear these pipes, or have a quick listen here:

Wedding Bagpiper Uniform

Wedding Piper Uniform

You deserve the finest standard of piper to play at your wedding, and you must have the most finely attired wedding piper to appear in your wedding photographs. I put special effort into acquiring the finest uniform and historic regimental uniform accessories. Take my Bagpiper Uniform Tour to see what I wear as your Wedding Bagpiper.

Bagpiper for Wedding – Prices

How much is a bagpiper for a wedding?

Bagpiper for Funeral tab

A bagpiper for a wedding costs between £175 and £250, depending if you want your piper to play at both your Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Breakfast, or just for one part of your day. Prices include wearing the ceremonial Piper’s No.1 Full Highland Dress and playing the Scottish Small Pipes if required.

  • No Deposit required
  • No Cancellation Fee
  • Full Highland Dress included

Wedding Bagpiper Extras

Piping to your Reception

Bagpiper piping to the wedding venue

Have your Wedding Bagpiper pipe your Wedding Party from your Ceremony to your Reception.

If your Ceremony and Reception are in different venues, within walking distance of one another, your guests will enjoy being piped to your Reception after your Ceremony has concluded.

Let some locals celebrate with you, and guests who aren’t sure of where they are will find it difficult to get lost!

Welcome evening guests

Wedding Bagpiper for Evening Guests

Make sure your evening guests don’t miss out!

Give your evening guests a ceremonial welcome to your celebrations by having your bagpiper play for their arrival at your wedding reception venue, later in the evening.

Pipe Band to Beat the Retreat

Beat the Retreat

Having a full Pipe Band perform the Beating the Retreat adds a colourful and musical spectactle to your evening wedding entertainment, and signals a ceremonial end to your day which your guests will never forget!

A tailored pipe band experience can be provided, from a smaller mini band to a full size pipe band. The Grade 1 Fife Police Pipe Band is experienced in performing for such occasions. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

Getting married in Scotland

M10 Marriage Notice short

A guide on the different types of Scottish marriage ceremonies, and the legal requirements and resources relating to what you need to do to hold a legally-binding Scottish marriage ceremony.

Scottish Wedding Resources

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The Ultimate Guide to planning your Wedding Bagpiper

To find out EXACTLY what a wedding bagpiper should do, and when, on your Wedding day, what to look for in a wedding bagpiper, and tips on booking one, check out my ‘Ultimate Guide to planning your Wedding Bagpiper’!

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In additon to publishing a bi-monthly bridal magazine, Tie the Knot Scotland has a great website, listing suppliers from all over Scotland, including yours truly(!). They also provide many very useful blog posts, including this great one on why you should have a bagpiper at your wedding!

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