Wedding at Seacliff Beach Today I was the Wedding Piper for an Italian couple at Seacliff Beach near Tantallon Castle, North Berwick. The wedding party was fairly small, but the numbers soon swelled with numerous curious dogs and their walkers who all stopped to look on!

Today was a day for the Cameron of Erracht Full Highland Dress, which I must wear more often.

This is a great outdoor location for a wedding ceremony. There is the choice of the main beach, or the rocky outcrop looking onto Tantallon Castle, which forms the perfect amphitheater. Great photos can be taken with Tantallon Castle and the beach in the background.

I always enjoy being an Edinburgh Wedding Bagpiper where I have the opportunity to play for this sort of occasion and at locations like these. Holding your Wedding Ceremony outdoors often gives the opportunity for you to have me play at different times, which isn’t often feasible at an indoor wedding, as in this case, playing the wedding party from the cars down to the beach.