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Events Bagpiper

A piper always adds a sense of occasion and ceremony to any event. For visitors to Scotland, seeing a bagpiper in full No.1 Highland Dress and hearing the sound of the bagpipes is a must!

I frequently play as a Burns Supper Piper, and for coach parties, cruise ships, conferences, dinners, opening ceremonies and community events. No type of event is unusual for me to play at! No one event is the same. If you wish get in touch to discuss your event I will be sure to give you helpful advice and suggestions to make sure your party or guest of honour gets the welcome they deserve!

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Burns Supper Bagpiper

Have a Burns Supper piper to welcome guests to your Burns Supper and pipe in the Haggis. As a Burns Supper bagpiper I often perform an entertaining recital of Robert Burns’ ‘Address to a Haggis’ before the haggis served to your guests. Overseas visitors particular enjoy a Scottish evening where haggis is served, and I often perform as a Burns Supper at all times of the year.

Hire a Bagpiper Edinburgh

Corporate Events

A piper is ideal for welcoming your VIP clients, or to play for an opening ceremony. A piper wearing No.1 Full Highland Dress will draw attention to your event and look superb in photographs. Typical events which I’ve played for include award ceremonies, conferences, whisky promotional events, business opening ceremonies, VIP visits, Christmas parties and many more.

Edinburgh Piper for Hire Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

A surprise piper or pipers playing for a friend or family member’s special birthday is a great surprise and makes the event all the more memorable. There are many times during a birthday celebration that a piper can play, and of course, Happy Birthday can be played on the pipes, and also any favourite tune of the birthday celebrant. Your piper can play as guests and/or the birthday celebrant arrive at the party.

Bagpiper Corporate Event

Sporting Events

Are you showing an international rugby or football game in your bar or restaurant? A piper wearing Full Highland Dress playing at the beginning, half time and at the end of a game really adds to the atmosphere and guarantees additional Social Media attention for your business.