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funeral bagpiper


Bagpiper for Funeral Edinburgh

Piper for Funeral – As much that a bagpiper plays in in times of celebration and joy, the bagpipes have for centuries been synonymous with times of mourning and remembrance. Having a bagpiper for a funeral is an ancient tradition in Scotland. As a piper for funerals in Edinburgh, I can help you mark the passing of a loved one by playing both poignant and celebratory funeral bagpipe music if desired, at appropriate points during a funeral service. I’m a funeral piper for burials, cremations, and interment or scattering of ashes ceremonies, for all beliefs and denominations.

When does a bagpiper play at a funeral?

A funeral of a loved one is a deeply personal occasion. I know from experience that arranging a funeral is a very difficult, and you may not know when a piper at a funeral should play. The service you have planned will be unique and will reflect the wishes of you and the departed loved one’s family. As a funeral piper I am here to compliment your plans. This is often best discussed on the telephone or in-person, so I will contact you as soon as possible if you are looking a bagpiper for a funeral.

When piping at a funeral, unlike when piping at a wedding, I wear the Piper’s Day Dress kilt outfit which I feel is more appropriate. Of course, I can dress in the ceremonial Piper’s No.1 Full Highland Dress if you wish for more ceremony to be added to the Funeral Service.

Please jump to Funeral Bagpipe Music to listen to the many different tunes and songs I can play as a Funeral Bagpiper.


Hi Glyn, just wanted to thank you for attending my Mum’s funeral and playing her favourite songs on the bagpipes. She would have absolutely loved this, so you have helped give her the special send-off which she truly deserved. Love from all the family.

Eileen, Nov 23

Piper for Funeral – Cremation

Piper for Funeral – Burial

As a Funeral Piper playing at a Burial I can play at many of times detailed above for a Cremation. However, with a Burial there’s likely to be a procession to the graveside. Piping as the coffin is lowered into the ground is a particularly appropriate time for a piper to play at a Burial.

Bagpiper for Funeral – Interment of Ashes

An Interment of Ashes ceremony can take place at a burial plot after the cremation, or you can choose to bring the ashes of your loved one to a burial plot at a later date, for example, if the cremation was held overseas. The location and order of service will be unique, and is often not as formal as a Cremation or Burial Service. This means you may have a lot more scope to mark the occasion as you wish.

Having a piper play for the interment of ashes of a loved one who lived overseas, but is laid to rest in Scotland is particularly meaningful. I’m proud to play for such an occasion.

bagpiper for interment of ashes

Bagpiper for Funeral – Scattering of Ashes

Having a piper play at a Scattering of Ashes ceremony for a departed loved one, provides a tremendous send-off. I am always very honoured to play a part in such an occasion. Such an occasion will obviously be entirely unique to you and your family, and may be performed at many entirely different types of location. Please get in touch to discuss your plans further. I would love to help you mark the occasion.

Bagpiper for Funeral – Prices

How much is a bagpiper for a funeral?
A bagpiper for a funeral costs between £130 and £160, depending on if you wish the piper to play at the family home as well at the funeral service.

Funeral Service only

£150Cremation or Burial
  • Arrival of the Funeral Cortege at the Service
  • Pipe the departed into the Service
  • Scottish Small Pipes during Reflection
  • After the Service during Final Respects

Family Home and Funeral Service

  • Funeral Cortege’s arrival at Family Home
  • Arrival of the Funeral cortege at the Service
  • Pipe the departed into the Service
  • Scottish Small Pipes during Reflection
  • After the Service during Final Respects