wedding bagpipe music

wedding bagpipe music

What does a bagpiper play at a wedding?

Wedding Bagpipe Music and more

Here are some recordings of the wedding bagpipe music I play when piping at a Wedding. The different stages of your wedding will require a different “mood” of music. For example, I will play very different types of tunes for piping you Up the Aisle to, than I will for piping during your Confetti Shower.

I also the play the Scottish Small Pipes, which are ideal if you wish for some quieter and more mellow bagpipe music at particular points in your day, particularly during your Wedding Ceremony. I’ve included recordings of both the Highland Pipes and the Small Pipes for many of the bagpipe tunes / songs that I play at a wedding.

Guests’ Arrival

During the 30-45 minute period as your guests arrive, I’ll play the Highland Pipes to welcome them with a wide variety of tunes from my entire repertoire. Tunes will range from the slow, fast, to the fast and furious!

Here’s a small selection:

Piping the Bride or Partner up the Aisle

Walking Up the Aisle will be one of your first really big moments of your day! It’s worth considering whether you would like the (“big”) Highland Pipes, or the quieter and more mellow Scottish Small Pipes played here. Here’s a selection of tunes I feel are appropriate for this point in your Ceremony, which have the appropriate “mood”.

Signing of the Register

Newly Weds down the Aisle

Confetti Shower

Married Couple to the Top Table

Other tunes I play

For events where a lot of playing is required, such as the guests’ arrival at a wedding or welcoming people to a corporate event I play a great many different tunes – both traditional and contemporary. Here are a few samples of pipe tunes I play at these times.

Caught on Camera!

Some short clips of me piping at various events, and competition performances with Pipe Bands