What does a bagpiper play at a wedding?

Wedding Bagpipe Music and more

Here are some recordings of the wedding bagpipe music I play when piping at a Wedding. There are particular tunes I play for specific occasions, particularly weddings where there a number of different parts of the day which I play the pipes for. Hear some of the tunes I play at different stages of a wedding, and some of the tunes I play for other events.

Piping the Bride up the Aisle

Signing of the Register

Newly Weds down the Aisle

Married Couple to the Top Table

Other tunes I play

For events where a lot of playing is required, such as the guests’ arrival at a wedding or welcoming people to a corporate event I play a great many different tunes – both traditional and contemporary. Here are a few samples of pipe tunes I play at these times.

Caught on Camera!

Some short clips of me piping at various events, and competition performances with Pipe Bands