How much is a Bagpiper?

How much is a Bagpiper for a wedding or event? These are my typical bagpiper hire prices for a wedding or event in the Edinburgh area. If you’re shopping around you may see bagpiper hire prices which are both lower and higher than what I charge. I believe my prices are represent very good value, considering that I’m an established and actively competing Grade 1 piper of many years experience, and the great deal of effort and investment I’ve put into acquiring the finest quality Full Highland Dress which you will simply not see most other bagpipers wearing.

Scottish Bagpipers does not operate as an agency so there is no commission or agency fee added to the cost. When booking a bagpiper through an agency or venue you’ll usually pay a minimum of £50 more. If I’m already booked at the time of your event, I’m happy to recommend one of my Edinburgh bagpiper colleagues to you and let you arrange the fee. I do not book another bagpiper for you and charge any commission to you or to the bagpiper I recommend.

Please note, these are typical prices I charge for piping in the Edinburgh area. The prices detailed may be slightly more or less, usually dependant upon the length of time you require of me and if I need to travel far.

Full Day Wedding - Ceremony + Reception


Wedding Ceremony or Wedding Reception only


Bagpiper for Burns Supper

£150with Address to the Haggis

Events and Functions Bagpiper

£130up to two hours

Bagpiper for Funeral

  • Funeral Bagpiper for the Edinburgh area
  • Lead in the hearse
  • Play for the coffin being brought into the service
  • Scottish Small Pipes during the service
  • Play at the graveside
  • Play after the service during final respects