I wear three styles of piping attire:

  1. Piper’s No.1 Full Highland Dress: This includes the long piper’s plaid, horse hair sporran, piper’s dirk, crossbelt and spats. This is usually worn with the large Pipers’s Feather Bonnet made from ostrich feather.
  2. Day Dress: Kilt, Argyll jacket, 5-button waistcoat, Ghillie Brogues and a Glengarry hat
  3. Prince Charlie Outfit: Much like Day Dress, but with the lower cut Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat, and a dress shirt with bow tie.

Normally I wear the Piper’s No.1 Full Highland Dress with the exception of funerals, where I wear Day Dress. I charge no extra to wear Full Highland Dress. Others pipers often charge extra.

See my Uniform Tour for full details and pictures.